31 March 2015

Top 5 Memories in Gemany

In honor of our last few months in Germany I wanted to compose a list of our Top 5 Moments in Germany. It was hard to narrow down three years into just five experiences, but I made some parameters that helped. The memories must occur IN Germany and not just during our time being stationed here. This should exclude a lot of my favorite travel destination. That being said-- here's my final list (in chronological order).

  1. Exploring Wurzburg // The first city we explored in Germany was Wurzburg. I remember being blown away by the ornate rooms in the Residenz and the immaculate landscaping in the gardens. We also went in our first castle, Fortress Marienberg and soaked in the gorgeous views above the Main River. That weekend was a wonderful "Welcome to Germany" and we would go back to Wurzburg many more times for wine fests. 
  2. Homecoming // Over two years later and it's still hard for me to put into words how incredible this day was. Definitely one of the best days of my life. Months of fear, loneliness, anticipation, and love culminating into one moment when you finally get to hold the one you love is such an incredible relief. After nine months of being apart those first hugs and kisses were incredible and I don't think they will ever be topped. 
  3. Weinfest // Each year in Schweinfurt we went to this weinfest with fest tables nestled right in the vineyards. It was and is definitely my favorite winefest experience. The location was perfect and there was always the best turnout. Everyone was there! It was close enough that even our friends with young kids would come and we would take up table after table. And I shouldn't forget to mention that the wine was delicious! 
  4. Redeployment Ball // I'm adding this to the list because I don't think I will ever experience a ball like this again. And that is for two reasons. First, the venue was absolutely stunning. Places like that don't exist in the States and that's just one of the many benefits of living in Germany. Second, the atmosphere was fantastic. Everyone was on such a high from coming back from the deployment. It was a great celebration and an amazing evening. My first military ball while probably be my favorite military ball. 
  5. Bringing Zeke home // We waited over four months for our Zeke. We found a breeder in the Czech Republic who was expecting a litter. After many emails back and forth we placed a deposit and were put on a waiting list for a puppy that hadn't even been born. When he was around a month old we went to visit and fell in love. An excruciating four weeks later we were able to finally bring him home. There were some growing pains in the beginning as with any puppy, but he has been the best edition to our family! 

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