30 March 2012

March Update

A lot happened in the month of March and I just wanted to post a quick recap!

First of all this stud graduated from ARC: Army Reconnaissance Course! So proud. It was a much smaller ceremony and maybe 5 family members were there for a class of 40-50. It was sad to see such a small turnout, but I understand because (one) it's a long commute for a lot of family members and (two) most LTs, at least the ones around here, aren't married.

After RC's graduation he was able to put in a pass so we took a 4 day trip to Charleston with a pit stop in Savannah. If you didn't know Savannah is #2 behind Boston, of course, for the best St. Patty's day parade. We had to stop by! Even though it was the day before St. Patrick's day the party was still in full force! Marching bands, drink specials, and of course a lot of green!

While in Charleston we had Sunday brunch with RC's family at Heirloom Eats. The food was delicious, but the highlight was definitely meeting Catherine Bell (Denise from Army Wives)! She permanently moved to Charleston after filming started with Army Wives and I mean, come on, who can blame her! I've had friends be extras on the show and driven by a filming session on the way to work (otherwise I would have stopped), but never had the chance to meet someone from the show! Catherine was so gracious, introduced herself to every one of RC's family members, and was absolutely gorgeous in person! 

Last update! Earlier this month I had to say goodbye to one of my first "Army friends". Maryann and I met at this awful Icebreaker and were awkwardly forced to met by an NCO. After nudging by our sweet boys, we exchanged numbers and grabbed coffee a couple days later. Our friendship grew and eventually she and her man ended up moving into the same apartment complex as us after a horrible experience with their previous place! I am so glad we had each other during the long weeks when our boys were in the field. We would cope with walks at Flat Rock Park and trashy tv nights with wine. Hello, Real Housewives!

I'd always heard that you form close friendships very quickly while in the military. I would definitely agree! You almost have to. You learn how to appreciate each other because they are the company you desperately need when you've been thrown into a new town, and ultimately they're going through the same thing as you. You need each other! I've also found that it's a different kind of friendship. I don't know how to explain it... I've never gone into a friendship knowing that there's a certain time frame involved. It still cracks me up that by this summer we will be spread all over the world. We'll be going to Texas, Kansas, and Germany for our first duty stations! I just hope that somewhere down the line we'll end up at the same post again! I have been so blessed by these girls and their friendships! 

Bridal Portraits

Location: Lowndes Grove Plantation
Photographer: Amy Prikazsky
Dress: Mori Lee

26 March 2012

Saying I Do

Our wedding ceremony was held at Seacoast Chapel in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I have always loved the chapel. It's the perfect mix of modern architecture with classic touches like beautiful stained glass windows. Also, it is fairly large for a "chapel" and we were able to fit all 300 of our lovely family and friends. I wanted our ceremony to be very unique with personal touches. I walked down to an instrumental version of "Bittersweet Symphony", not your traditional bridal march. Our pastor read our vows from his iPad, and he opened the ceremony by commenting on the history of strong and committed love we have in our families. Between both sets of parents and grandparents there have been no divorces. That is so rare today, and we are so blessed to have such great relationships to look up to!
Our ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point. No songs, passages read, or lighting of candles. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just wasn't really us.  I felt that everything that needed to be said was said in our vows. Our vows were customized to fit us, our relationship, and desire for our marriage.

“Because God has brought us together, and has established our love, and our relationship, I take you Emma to be my wife.  I will love you as Christ loves His Church, through whatever joy or trial we face.  I determine this day to walk the way of the cross before you, living with you in an understanding way.  I promise to honor the Holy Spirit’s guidance, so that I may lead us in God’s way.  Because I believe in God’s promises and God’s power, I here and now give you everything of myself, that I am and shall be. In Jesus name.”

“I also believe it is God’s perfect desire for me to become your wife.  So I, Emma, receive you as my husband.  As you have committed your life and love to me, so I too give you my life. Where you go, I will go.  Where you live, I will live.  Together we will serve our Savior. Because I believe in God’s promises and God’s power, I here and now give you everything of myself, that I am and shall be. In Jesus name.”

Overall the ceremony went smoothly. Sure... I forgot the sash around my dress, got choked up during our vows [Where you go, I will go.  Where you live, I will live. meant a lot to me since I knew all that we had in store with the Army in our future], and broke out in hives. [Yup! I have no recollection of EVER doing that before then, but apparently my Mom said when I was a toddler it happened once before. When I was struggling to get through my portion of the vows RC kept asking me if I was okay. I thought it was sweet and just nodded me head. THEN once we walked down the aisle and got back to the Bridal Room I looked in the mirror and realized I was all red and splotchy! I do not cry in front of people and I think getting choked up made me really nervous... hence the hives. Is that embarrassing or what? Ha!] But at the end of the day we were officially married and that's all that matters! :)

We did it! :)

20 March 2012

Engagement Pictures

I so enjoyed looking through our engagement photos. We had such a good time walking around downtown Charleston looking for unique shots on cobblestoned streets and waterfront parks. It's hard to believe that was over a year ago. For any of you in the Charleston area, Alyona Semenov was our engagement shoot photographer. You see we actually had one photographer for the engagement and then a completely different photographer for the wedding. Why? After lots of worrying (on my end) about when Ross would have to leave for the Army we decided to push up the wedding date to the same weekend as my college graduation. Unfortunately, Alyona was not available for our new date. I was so bummed, but luckily we found another fabulous photographer for the wedding. (I'll post our wedding photographer's info on our ceremony and reception recaps!)

Photographer: Alyona Semenov
Location: Charleston, South Carolina