19 February 2015


Somehow we were fortunate enough to spend Valentine's Day weekend in Paris. Even though we have a few more months until we PCS, that was probably the last four day weekend we will be able to take advantage of. I have been to Paris once before and I was really wanting to give the city another try with my love by my side. We were able to do a mix of things I hadn't done before so it was still new and exciting. We had a wonderful time and I think it was one of Ross' favorite cities. Oh, and I legitimately got a stomach ache from the sheer amount of sugar I consumed from the croissants, crepes, and beignets. Totally worth it.

Now onto the details... 

  • FLIGHT-- SWISS AIR :: This was our second time flying with Swiss Air.  It's definitely one of our favorite airlines now. Very friendly staff and free chocolate! :)
  • TRANSPORTATION :: We took the metro the first day. On the second day we walked. To get to our hotel from the airport we took the RER/metro.
  • HOTEL-- HOTEL TERMINUS LYON ::Conveniently located across the street from the Gare de Lyon station. Quiet at night despite the location. Small rooms, but that is standard. The breakfast was a bit overpriced so we ate at a nearby cafe instead. 

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