18 February 2014

Life with Zeke

It's been over a month that we've had Zeke home with us, and already we've learned so much about his personality. He's kind of been a dream puppy which makes me scared for his "teenage years". We can't be THAT lucky to have an easy dog his whole life, right? He's a sweet puppy that hasn't gotten into any trouble and *knock on wood* hasn't had much interest in chewing. Plus he is incredibly handsome earning the names "panda bear" and "little black bear". Our biggest "problem" is his lack of trust with new people and being so standoffish! It's a curse, I tell you, to have such an adorable, fluffy dog who's scared of strangers. But overall we're feeling pretty lucky to have this one in our lives. :) 

Since being home Zeke has learned so many things! He stays in his kennel while I run errands and sleeps in it all night. He lets us know he has to go to the bathroom by sitting with his back to the door and staring at us intently. He's made friends with our neighbor's Husky and a 30 minute play session will wear him out for the rest of the day. The words "inside, outside, leave it, come, sit, eat, car ride, and walk" are all a part of his vocabulary although at times he choses to not hear a few of them. He has 100% found his voice with a wide variations of woo-woos, grumbles, whines, & occasional barks and he's teaching me what each one means. :) He's affectionate with us, but is still very wary of strangers. This has gotten better as each week has gone on. I'm hopeful this will eventually wear away as Malamutes are usually highly affectionate towards all.