31 August 2012

Deployment Diary: Week 10

LIFE LATELY... So things have been feeling a little monotonous around here. I guess this is actually a good thing; If you want to look at the glass half full! I've gotten in a nice routine between work and Crossfit classes. On days where I have both --I'm only working part time-- the time flies by! On days I have off I spend time on Pinterest. So THIS is my life lately... doing what I think most military wives who move every couple years do- dream of their dream home.

For me right now it's not even dreaming of my dream home.
It's dreaming of not having the restrictions of living overseas in Europe.

CASE IN POINT: Repurposed furniture. I love it! I'd rather have a house full of garage sale/thrift store/Craigslist finds than brand new furniture from IKEA. But I've had a really hard time finding thrift stores/etc. around here. Not to mention that we live in stairwell apartments which make it difficult to navigate any piece of furniture up to our second floor. Oh yah, and the fact that I am husbandless.


  1. Hi, I'm a first time commenter.. but I found your blog a while back and I just wanted to let you know I really am inspired by your attitude and outlook with your husbands deployment. I can't begin to imagine how hard it really must be. My boyfriend since high school is deploying next weekend and reading these posts really help me realize that things will be okay. Hard and sad but okay. It's good to see that you are so independent and have a schedule and you are keeping busy. I'm sure there are bad days but just know that you have people rooting for you. Good luck with the rest of this deployment and a thank you to your husband for everything that he does.


    oh, and ps. those photos are gorgeous! Seriously love the colors :) Pinterest is sooooo dang addictive, I seriously have my whole future dream home pinned

    Have a great day!

  2. Love the new look on your blog! You might have changed it a while ago, but I've been so freaking busy lately that I'm just now seeing it. Gorgeous! Living in Europe definitely makes it harder to have the house we imagine...even living off base in Germany keeps me from buying certain pieces since the rooms are so small, and since there are too many narrow staircases. Blah! Looking forward to US housing. Hope this deployment is flying by quickly; I've nominated you for an award because of your awesomeness! http://befreckled.blogspot.de/2012/09/blog-awards.html

  3. I love your cute ideas! Congrats on your nomination! I'm your newest follower:-) Stop by @AllRoadsLeadtoHomeLove.blogspot.com

  4. Being an American living overseas really ties your hands when it comes to decorating the house. When we get together with our friends we catch ourselves saying "When we get back to The States..." You have really cute ideas for an office, I love the idea of repurposing dressers.