02 October 2014

When in Rome...

Do your best Audrey Hepburn impression at the Mouth of Truth!

Take advantage of the FREE water fountains spread out all around the city. 

Rome was a special trip for me for a lot of reasons. First, RC was gone for most of the summer. So I was extremely thankful when his command decided to grant him an extra four day weekend. I missed him terribly, and anytime we get to travel after he's been gone I always feel like it's another "mini-honeymoon". I always love quality time with that handsome man of mine! Second, visiting Rome has always been a dream of mine and I think it started sometime around when I saw Roman Holiday for the first time. Roman Holiday is one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn films and it's a go-to for a rainy day movie. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck will make any city look romantic, but Rome is definitely a city that can stand on its own. Our visit lived up to all of my expectations and my only disappointment was that the Trevi Fountain was under MAJOR renovations while we were there. We had a fantastic time in Rome and are so thankful we were able to check it off the list. 

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