07 July 2014

Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Overall Monterosso was probably my favorite village in Cinque Terre. We visited Monterosso on our first day and immediately knew it was the perfect place for our afternoon nap. You see, our drive down to Italy from Germany didn't conclude until 3:30 am that morning and we were all a bit tired. After visiting Vernazzo that morning we were ready to relax in the sand. We settled into a private beach with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and daiquiris/pina coladas. It wasn't long before my eyes got too heavy for beach reading and a quick nap was in order.

Monterosso had a little bit of everything and was very unique in that it had a tunnel that separated the old town and the new town. In the old town we ate dinner and shopped for wine, pesto, and souvenirs. In the new town you'll find the train station, numerous restaurants, and more of a resort feel. The character-filled old town and the more bustling new town was the perfect combination and gave a great balance to the experience.

Next Up… Riomaggiore!

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