12 June 2014


Petite-France is a picturesque area in Strasbourg where the river Ile splits into a number of canals. There are numerous covered bridges, timber-frame buildings, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Wikipedia I found out that the original purpose of this neighborhood was not so pretty; tanning and slaughter houses. Yuck! And to make matters worse the naming of "Little France" had nothing to do with sentimentality, but was a way to distinguish the island that housed individuals with the "French disease" aka. syphilis. Not so pretty, right? Luckily when you're walking around with gorgeous views down every street you easily forgot about all of that.  :) Petite-France was my favorite part of Strasbourg so I thought it appropriate to award the quaint neighborhood it's own post. That way it wouldn't get bogged down and lost among all the other pictures. Enjoy!

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