28 January 2014

Welcome to the family Zeke!

We welcomed our Alaskan Malamute into our home just a few weeks ago. He's the fluffiest, cutest thing you've ever seen. We're doing great potty training and he loves his crate! Our biggest challenge has been his timid nature. He is very wary of other dogs and is scared around strangers. I hope with a little more time and a little socialization work he'll warm up to new visitors. He's only 10 weeks old so we have a lot of time! In true Malamute form he's a talker. He sasses me when I tell him to come inside from playing, grumbles when he's unsure of someone new, and speaks up when I'm not giving him enough attention. It cracks me up and I must admit I don't feel as crazy talking to a dog when he talks back to me. ;) 

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