09 July 2013

RECAP:: Pisa & Tirrenia, Italy

  • FLIGHT -- RYANAIR :: Quick flight direct to Pisa in under 2 hours!
  • TRANSPORTATION :: We were in a group of 4 couples, 2 of which had kids so we did a mix & often went with whatever was most convenient at the time. Sometimes we took a taxi, sometimes we took a bus. When we did pay to ride the bus it was very cheap. (Italy seemed pretty lax- we rarely saw anyone pay.) It was less than 3 EURO per couple for a 70 minute ticket.
  • HOTEL -- GRAND HOTEL CONTINENTAL :: One of the pricier hotels we've stayed at but perfect for our beach front desires. Breakfast was included and they had a convenient lunch buffet by the pool. AC worked great and the hotel was conveniently located. Gelato stands and restaurants just around the corner. Short taxi ride or 25 minute bus ride to Pisa. Perfect mix for relaxing on the beach and sightseeing in the city. 

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