08 July 2013

Bagno Mary:: Seafood Spaghetti Buffet

It took us a couple days, but on our last night we finally did dinner right- Italian style! We waited until 7:30-8:00 to go to dinner. The unusual stares and modified dinner menus the first two nights were our hint that dinner at 6:00 was way too early for the Italians. We went next door to Bagno Mary and made a reservation for their 25 EURO All You Can Eat Seafood Spaghetti buffet. We weren't really sure what was in store, but it was recommended as having some of the best fresh seafood and, lets be serious, as Americans we were all over a 'buffet'. For 25 EURO we were given 1 bottle of wine per couple, an appetizer, three different types of seafood spaghetti, and dessert. A ridiculously good deal. The food was amazing! And there was so. much. food. We were told we could order as many plates as we wanted, but after "sampling" (i.e. an entire serving) each type of spaghetti we were barely able to muster up enough room for one more platter of spaghetti for the table. Bagno Mary was the perfect way to end our adventures in Tuscany.  

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