03 August 2012

Friday's Letters

DEAR CHICK-FIL-A HATERS & SUPPORTS, to each his own. You're entitled to free speech, I get it. But please stop blowing up my news feed with pictures of Chick-fil-a. This girl can't have Chick-fil-A until DECEMBER and you're just making me crave it even more- and that I do not appreciate. DEAR NBC, we are not friends right now. Your whole "delayed taping so you can show events during primetime & get major ratings" is really screwing me over. There is a ONE HOUR time difference between Germany and London. I shouldn't have to wait until 3 am to watch something that occurred at 3 pm. DEAR RANT, the END. DEAR BLOCK LEAVE, I can't wait until you get here! But in the mean time I'm having fun trying to find the best way to travel between Scotland, Ireland, and England. If anyone has any MUST SEE places in those countries let me know! DEAR HUSBAND, I am so glad you finally decided to be on board with having a Golden Retriever. (Yes, I know it's hard to even believe that he was actually opposed to the idea.) DEAR BRANDON & LEAH, I could listen to "LIFE HAPPENS" on repeat for days on days. Thanks Keeping Up with Kardashians for giving them some air time. Watch their super cute video >>>> HERE <<<<.
DEAR CHRISTMAS, December cannot come quick enough! I recently booked my flight home for TWO WEEKS and I am ecstatic! I get to see my family, meet my new nephew, and spend one more Christmas morning at Grandma & Pop's house. :) DEAR POLAND, girls weekend, shopping, pottery, good food & wine... BRING IT ON!
DEAR HUSBAND, 6 weeks down! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face even from 6,000 miles away.


  1. I hear ya on the Chick Fil A - UGH!


  2. Eeeek slow down girl Im so not ready for Christmas, I havent bought any pressies at all yet! Have a great weekend :)

  3. a golden?! oh so jealous. And I'm willing to go to war with you against NBC. seriously.

  4. Jealous over your Poland trip! I'm not quite a Polish pottery hoarder yet, but let's just say I'm not allowed to buy any more right now. ;) Have fun!!