12 July 2012

Deployment Diary: Week 3

This week actually went by very quickly! Here's to many more weeks like it. RC started a new work schedule this week. Luckily he has the ability to sleep anytime & anywhere when given the opportunity; whether it's AM or PM. I'm hoping that he adjusts well and that our schedules continue to allow us to talk regularly. Our daily conversations have made this so much easier!

// Day 15 // H&M and German restaurant day was a success!! I actually really liked the schnitzel.
// Day 16 // Celebrated two sweet girls' birthdays over the weekend.
// Day 17 // Laid out on my balcony and tried to get a little sun.
// Day 18 // I've been using the Nike Training Club app and absolutely love it!
// Day 19 // Went and saw RIO for FREE on post with Sarah. Yes, we were the only ones w/out kids.
// Day 20&21 // Been busy being a working woman. Thankful for this job! The days go by much quicker.


  1. I wish we had an H&M close by. Glad your week went by quickly. Hoping you have a great weekend.

  2. Happy the deployment is going more quickly! Your talking about H&M and German food makes me desperately want a trip to downtown Kaiserslautern now, which is never healthy for my bank account. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and that next week is just as fast as this one!

  3. Dear daughter, please explain how you indulge in the first two pictures and look like you do in the third. Not my genes. love, mom

  4. lol I think the best part of this whole post is the comment from your mom! Fabulous! And I wanna know too! What is your secret?!

  5. I'm glad that work is helping the time go by quickly. You & Ross are in our prayers!