13 January 2012

Georgia Happenings- Savannah

This past Thursday, January 12th, was my 23rd birthday! Unfortunately RC was in the field and we weren't able to celebrate together on my birthday, but no worries we definitely celebrated the weekend before. He baked me a delicious red velvet cake and surprised me with beautiful diamond earrings. 

On my actual birthday my mom and I met in Savannah. The last time I had been in Savannah was for my Sweet 16! My mom took my girlfriends and I to Savannah for the works- carriage ride, a trip to River Street Sweets, a yummy dinner, and shopping. We had a blast then and definitely as much fun 7 year later! 

The weather was perfect for walking around and we fit a lot into the day and a half we were there. The first day we walked around River Street and the City Market, bought these AWESOME new aluminum Coke bottles, and ate at River House Seafood. We ended up sharing fried calamari, shrimp & grits, and shrimp sauté! It was delicious!! Instead of a birthday cake I decided to just get a box of treats from River Street Sweats. We also stopped by Paula Dean's restaurant. The next day we did a little antique shopping and then hit the road to go home. 

 I am so happy my mom and I got to spend time together on my birthday! We haven't been able to celebrate together since high school due to the spring semester always starting right around or on my birthday. I'm really loving the quality time I've been getting to spend with my family before our big move to Germany! Blessed!


  1. I LOVE Savannah! I'm a born & bred Georgia girl... and Savannah has always been one of my FAVORITE places. Love the pics! So glad you got to celebrate and spend time with your mom! Happy late bday!


  2. Yay for moms! And especially for moms celebrating with you. Happy belated birthday, girl! And oh my wow, I would love to munch at Paula Dean's restaurant. Her recipes are always sooo delish.

  3. Oh wow! My friend and her hubs are in Germany. Her blog is: http://blayneroyse.blogspot.com/

    Maybe you guys can be friends! :)

    Happy birthday. Looks like you guys had fun!

  4. Happy birthday! :)

    And sorry this is about 3 years later, but sadly I don't think they have a pattern for the headwrap...they just kind of winged their own, LOL. But it was super simple...you just start with a chain of 4, then extend with 4 more (giving you 8 total) then go back and extend 4 more, etc. until it's the length you want. hope this kind of explains it. :)