27 December 2011

Merry Christmas, all!

Happy Holidays, everyone! 
We are thoroughly enjoying the holidays and are really looking forward to an oyster roast on New Years! Oh, and did I mention we are in SC? It's so good to be home. Luckily RC had almost 3 weeks off from work so we were able to travel home for a nice long visit. Almost as long as the Christmas Break we've been used to having in college. We began our Christmas Exodus with a trip to Snowshoe, West Virginia with RC's family for some snowboarding (him) and skiing (me)!
We had a wonderful time hitting the slopes together every morning and walking around the village for some Starbucks in the evening. We also threw in a few night-ski sessions here and there. The weather was oddly warm (like high 40s) and we only had one day of semi-bad weather (rain). The plus side of "bad weather" is no one is on the mountain! RC and I took advantage of that and got in a ton of runs that day! If you haven't been to Snowshoe it's a great ski resort! It's definitely in the middle of nowhere (and there's no cell service AT ALL), but they've created a great atmosphere in a place they call "the village" where everything is located- restaurants, hotels, shopping, and rentals! Here's a cheesy picture I stole from Google to give you an idea.  We made it back to Charleston on Christmas Eve Eve and settled in with my family. We took our annual family Christmas picture and RC and I took our first Christmas picture together as a married couple! Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures together Christmas morning neither at my house, my grandparents, or the in-laws. But believe we had a wonderful time and Santa was very good to us!

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  1. I've never been skiing, but this looks like a blast! I'm super jealous of your red hair :) It's gorg!

    Love your blog, Emma!