29 September 2011


What I did when I first found out we were going to Germany:
  1. Felt like I was going to throw up
  2. Cried
  3. Went to the gym
  4. Called my parents
  5. Found out RC's unit
  6. Googled Germany
  7. Calmed down
  8. Got excited!
  9. Googled the easiest/quickest/cheapest way to Paris.
  10. Got scared again.
Above is a recap of my emotions on the first day I found out. To say it was a roller coaster of emotions is an understatement. I would start out with excitement. Then the reality of it all would hit and I would be scared out of my mind. Here we are two days from the announcement and now there's just excitement. This is an amazing opportunity for us! We are being put in an amazing position. Now traveling around Europe will be so much more convenient and economical. We will be able to actually live in the culture and experience day-to-day life in a foreign country. This is something we've talked about doing, but was never on our radar as a possibility. With all that being said, I'm definitely aware of how much we are going to be missing out on in our family and friend's lives. Within the next couple years my parent's will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, 50th birthdays, one brother will graduate high school, and the other will graduate college. Hopefully I will be able to fly home for a number of those occasions, but it will definitely be an adjustment!

What I'm Looking Forward to:
During my junior year of college I was able to travel to London, Brussels, and Paris during Spring Break. It was an amazing trip and definitely gave me the travel bug! The whole time I was there, seeing all these amazing landmarks, I wished RC was there to experience it with me. Now we can! :)

If anyone has lived or visited Germany, I would love to hear your stories! I would really love to pick someone's brain about the differences of living overseas! :) Also, please keep us in your prayers as this is going to be a long and what seems to be tedious process. This is going to be a HUGE move and our first. We are going to need all the help and support we can get!


  1. How awesome!! I don't know anyone over in Germany but I heard it's pretty nice there. Good luck with moving and everything, what an adventure!

  2. AH, so exciting! My fiance was on the roaster for Germany and was pissed, he did not want to go, and I was like "what is wrong with you?!" Haha I think it'll be an amazing opportunity!

  3. Wow! How amazing! I've never been to Europe, but I definitely want to.

    That is going to be one awesome experience and opportunity. Can't wait to read all about it :)

  4. How exciting!!! Sounds like a great opportunity!

  5. Hey! I saw your blog when I clicked your little picture thing in the comment you left me... yeah, a bit stalkerish maybe? Haha... anyway, wow, congratulations on the news! This is so exciting! :)

    Your blog is so cute!! Thanks for commenting on my entry. Hope we can see you guys soon!

  6. That's so exciting!! I don't live in Germany but I am stationed in Italy with my husband... Europe is amazing and yes traveling is a breeze!! We actually have a trip planned for Spain next weekend and Germany in the late fall. :) I'm so excited for you!!

  7. You're what???? OH MY GOODNESS! SO very exciting! What a journey life is sometimes, huh?! You have got a great lookout :) keep that positive attitude! Can't wait to read some really wonderful posts during your time over there!

  8. I am so jealous! Hubby and I are crossing our fingers and toes for Germany! I visited Freiburg when I was living in Ireland and loved it!

  9. Hi, I found your blog on the military spouse blogger page. Germany was our first duty station! It's AMAZING there. We live in Japan now. All of our tours have been overseas actually! I'm at http://raneydaymom.blogspot.com/

    Take care!

  10. "Above is a recap of my emotions on the first day I found out. To say it was a roller coaster of emotions is an understatement. I would start out with excitement. Then the reality of it all would hit and I would be scared out of my mind."

    That's roughly how my friend described how she was feeling when she found out that she was moving abroad. It had always been on the cards, but it was always something she'd looked forward to in theory, never in the sense that it actually might happen. And then it was real and the actual shape and form of that dream seemed a tad scary. All of a sudden, she was thinking about will my accent be laughed at, will my qualifications be valid, will I lose the friends I have here, will I be able to make new friends? All of a sudden, she was having to decide on what got handed over the the shipping company and what had to go.

    And at first, she was really unhappy. There were a fair few phonecalls when she was in tears about something that had happened or something that hadn't and her parents promised her that she could come back to England after a year if she was still unhappy.

    Then little by little, there were more phonecalls going along the lines of "Becky, you'll never guess what happened today!" or "I found this amazing chocolate, I'm going to send you some!"

    And she didn't come back. It was probably the biggest learning curve of her life but sticking at it paid off.