16 January 2011


Wow, this post, a true post, is long overdue. I have rarely updated my blog or checked any other blog for that matter, but I would not have had my Christmas Break any other way. By unplugging from the computer I was able to truly enjoy time with my family, old high school friends, and my love. It was so nice to not be tied to my laptop needing to checking email, Blackboard, Facebook, and Blogger. (okay, not so much NEEDING for the last two.)

But now I'm back. Back to school. Back to being miles away from my love.

Heading back to school was hard, harder than it has been in a long time. I'm hesitant to start my last semester because it will all be so bittersweet. I have so many things to look forward to... BIG things. I'll become a college graduate and a wife all in one weekend. I will have an amazing adventure ahead of me. The opportunity to live in another state with the man of my dreams. But while this adventure is exciting it's also scary. I welcome these changes with open arms, but also with the realization that change is never easy. So I am reminded once again how little control I have over things and how important it is to rely on my loving Savior. He knows what is best for me and he GIVES me hope.

He intends for me to be optimistic. He gives me expectations for something good to happen. He instills a desire for good things. So why should I worry? God has a plan for me. His plan is the best. I could create nothing better. And not only does he create that plan for me, but gives me hope and an overwhelming sense of comfort that the plan He has for me while occur.

Now I am going to live a life full of HOPE. A life with optimism of His plan; confidence in His will for my life; faith in His grace; trust in His word; belief in His power; conviction of His love; and assurance of His promise.


  1. I needed this as much as you did. These verses convicted me and helped me :) Thanks for sharing! Good luck as you finish your semester and i'll be praying for you girl!

  2. Super exciting that you're graduating and getting married in the same weekend! That's seriously awesome! :)